Our Mission:

Club Hope was created to help patients and their families who have been faced with a cancer diagnosis. Please join us in bringing HOPE to our community! Through our school clubs, donations from generous members of our community and many local business donors, we have been able to help so many families and look forward to what lies ahead!

Club Hope was created by Cara Atkinson in 2008 after receiving word that the cyst she had surgically removed, along with half of her thyroid, had cancer in it. Hearing this news and feeling so blessed that surgery was all that was required to removeĀ  the cancer from her body, Cara started the first Club Hope at Lincoln High School in Ellwood City, PA. At the same time Cara received her news, a friend from Slippery Rock University was also facing a cancer diagnosis and her family was collecting small donations in order to help with some of the costs she was facing. Club Hope held its first fundraiser in October of 2008 for this girl and thus began our mission of giving and helping others. The Club Hope Foundation was created to expand on the work of the LHS club, and is currently working with other local schools to bring a Club Hope into as many buildings as possible to help students learn the many life lessons that are gained by being involved in this club. Seeing the success in Ellwood City encouraged Cara and her husband to create the Club Hope Foundation Inc., which they hope to see spread to as many schools and communities as possible!

Know someone who needs our support? Please email us using the link below and include a name, address, and phone number so the family can be contacted!