“Yard Signs for HOPE”

With this pandemic going on in our world, we have been sad that we are unable to send our usual items of encouragement in forms of cards, crafts, blankets, art projects from students, hats and scarves to the cancer treatment facilities in Lawrence, Beaver and Butler Counties. We came up with a way to help bring HOPE and encouragement to patients at local treatment facilities by doing a project called “Yard Signs for HOPE!” Patients are unable to bring loved ones into the facilities with them due to COVID-19, so we want them to be filled with HOPE as they enter the building by seeing our signs of encouragement or looking out the windows while receiving treatment! NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!!

HUGE THANK YOU to all the kids who created these signs for us. More are on the way and by the end of the week we will be getting them made into yard signs to bring to 7 different treatment centers!! What a blessing!

Even during these hard times, our foundation continues to receive so much support and many donations and we cannot thank everyone enough! Together we can be someone’s HOPE for tomorrow!

God Bless and stay healthy and safe!!

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